Nuovo Firmware per X-T3

The firmware update Ver.3.20 from Ver.3.10 incorporates the following:

Enhanced autofocus.

*Improving the tracking performance of the eye AF frame, making it easier to attain accurate autofocus on the eyes.
*Improving face-detection performance when there are faces of different sizes within the same frame, making it easier to attain accurate autofocus.
*Improving autofocus capability on a foreground subject even when there is a mixture of foreground and background subjects within a AF frame, causing the foreground subject to go out of focus, e.g. when shooting flowers against a busy background.

Capability to save up to 9,999 pictures in each folder.

Until now, the number of pictures that can be saved in a folder on an SD card was limited to 999. This update will raise the limit by ten times to 9,999 pictures.

The phenomena below during a movie shooting are fixed.

*Focus hunting at the minimum aperture.
*A black line can sometimes appear on the bottom of the center.

Fix of minor bugs.

30 Gennaio 2020

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